Report Cards




St. Paul's Lutheran School's report cards are designed to provide a picture of a child's educational growth for both the parents and the child's school records. The main purpose of this reporting is to assist in developing the proper education plan for the future growth of the child and to serve as a communication tool for school and home. Achievement and effort grades are reported as are behavior, work habits and attitudes.  In addition, student's who receive modifications or accommodations above the standard instructional design, these, too, are noted on the report card.    


Letter grades indicate the following:


A = Superior                    92 - 100%

B = Above Average          82 - 91%

C = Average                     72 - 81%

D = Below Average          60 - 71%

E = Failure                       0 - 59%/files/images/ProudKid.jpg



O= Outstanding

S = Satisfactory

N = Needs Improvement

           U = Unsatisfactory


Children in P3, P4 and Kindergarten receive their first report card at the end of the first semester.


St. Paul's uses a web based management system,, through which each student's progress is available for viewing. Through this system parents are able to acces the grades of their children, view assignments and announcements from the teacher, and view thier family lunch and tuition accounts. 



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